Dear Friends:

I have made a practice of not telling people how to vote. But in this election with so much at stake I've had many requests to discuss the various candidacies.

For Governor--No office is more important in South Dakota than the Office of Governor because it affects virtually everything we do. Having been involved in politics for 54 years, I try and carefully measure each candidate. In the past, I have supported Republican candidates believing they were the best choice.

However, this election is very different. Pierre needs a good house cleaning and that will only come with a new administration. Secondly, I compared the record of Kristi Noem to others and find that she has been a very poor U.S. Representative. I can't imagine, for instance, Representative Ben Reifel missing so many critical votes and having such a lackadaisical attitude toward the job. Being Governor is the toughest job in South Dakota; it requires being on the job 24/7. While I know Representative Noem would love the title, I cannot see her doing the hard work necessary to be successful as our next Governor.

Therefore, I am voting for Billie Sutton.

For Congress -we only get one vote in Congress. My test for every Congressman is Representative Ben Reifel whom I had the pleasure of working for 6 years. He was not a consummate politician. He was a man who saw the job as being full-time. I've watched Dusty Johnson over the years and have never seen a person so consumed with extreme politics. He's no Ben Reifel, nor does he have the ability to get things done for South Dakota.

On the other hand; I've known Judge Bjorkman for many years. We fought together during the 1980's to save many South Dakota farms. His heart is deep in South Dakota, not in partisan politics.

I will be casting my vote for Tim Bjorkman for Congress

Attorney General -Attorney General Marty Jackley cannot run again, we need a new Attorney General. Jason Ravnsborg of Yankton has the energy, ability and desire to lead what is the largest law firm in South Dakota.

Jason has led over 600 troops into battle in Iraq and Afghanistan as a reserve officer. He has the ability to lead the office of Attorney General.

I'm going to cast my vote for Attorney General for Jason Ravnsborg.

I'm also going to vote for the other Republican Constitutional officers who I believe are far superior to those nominated by the other party.

Sincerely yours,

Rollyn H. Samp